4 Reasons Why I Shouldn't Have Started Daring Divas

4 Reasons Why I Shouldn't Have Started Daring Divas

"If I had listened to all the reasons I shouldn't have gone for my dream, some of them even legitimate reasons, I wouldn't be where I am today."

Have you ever had a dream, but came up with a million reasons why you shouldn't go for it?

I have. And if I could guess, I bet you have too.

My dream was to start a Meetup group where...

  • Women who wanted to learn, be challenged and dare to live life on their terms could came together to uplift, inspire and support each other.
  • I could share my message, teach classes, and offer a platform for other brilliant souls to share their messages too. 
  • My ideal clients could find me and where I could earn an authentic income while positively impacting the lives of others.

Now, let me tell you about the reasons I shouldn't have gone for it and why I'm glad I did!

1. I was an introvert, so why would I go and build a social networking and events-based business where I had to socialize?

Yes, I was an introvert, but staying wrapped up in my cocoon 24/7 is not what brought me joy or made me feel fulfilled. As an "extroverted" introvert I always loved to perform while making a positive impact on people's lives. 

As a kid, this took the form of theater, dance, music and leadership roles in school. And if I was willing to admit it to myself, I had secretly dreamt of leading a women's group all through college, but never had the guts to start one.

Being an introvert was no excuse to lead a small life. Or keep my gifts hidden from the world. 

Today, with my thriving tribe of women entrepreneurs where I host multiple events per month, I must say that I feel like I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. Hosting events, teaching live trainings and leading mastermind groups feeds my soul... and I love that afterward I get to go home and snuggle up on the couch or take my dog Junebug on a hike in the mountains! 

2. I wasn't well known in my community and I didn't have a following, so why would anyone want to join my tribe?

It's true. But although I wasn't well-known, I had a vision that matched the desire of many other women in my area: to authentically connect with other women in a growth-evoking environment that was supportive and non-competitive.

I didn't need to be well-known because my Meetup group's mission met a desire. 

But with time, I did actually become well known. 

You see, when you start your own Meetup group, you immediately position yourself as a leader (whether you feel like one or not - this is how you will be perceived.) 

This boosts your credibility, and if you stay consistent by offering events that people grow to know and love, word will spread and you will become well known in your community. 

And what does being well known get you? It gets you more clients, more money and the ability to positively influence more lives.

3. Other Meetup groups in my area seemed to be growing cobwebs. So how could mine be a success? 

When I looked at other Meetup groups in my area I saw many empty event calendars - not very exciting or compelling.

I decided to try out a couple that did have events on their calendars and was disappointed to discover when I arrived that only two other people showed up! 

Meet up didn't seem to have a lot going for it... or was it the Meetup group leaders that were falling short?!

Despite my lackluster Meetup experiences, I decided to start my group anyway because I was determined that my group would be the exception. And it was.

There are many things that I contribute to my success, which I'll be sharing at my upcoming Meetup Mastery training, but I'll say this for now: when your group meets a need that people in your area have, and when you show up consistently with inspired events that you put your heart and soul into... word gets out and momentum starts to build.

4. The online world seemed to be where things were booming, so why would I go and build a local tribe when I could potentially reach far more people online?

Since 2011 when I started Daring Divas, the online world has only grown bigger. And while there are lots of great things about online community, what I've come to know is that it will never be able to take the place of real human connection.

This might be why today, my Meetup group, Daring Divas has grown to over 2,200 members and our events fill every single time. People long for face-to-face interaction, to feel connected on an emotional level with the person sitting across from them and to look into someone's eyes and feel understood without having to say a word.

All in all...

There were many reasons I made up in my head why starting Daring Divas wasn't a good idea, and some of them were even legitimate, but if I listened, I wouldn't be where I'm at today.

I wouldn't be a respected and sought-after personal branding and tribe building expert. 
I wouldn't be making an impact on 2,200 women's lives. 
I wouldn't have a full client list. 
I wouldn't be making a positive impact in my community. 
And I wouldn't be a six-figure business owner.

If you feel the pull to build your own Meetup tribe, or even if you already have, but you aren't seeing the results you want, I invite you to join me next Wednesday, April 12th from 2-4 pm in Boulder for my free training: "Meetup Mastery."
I'll be sharing all of my secrets that have led to Daring Divas becoming the most loved and well-attended Meetup group in miles around!

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