What’s Your Brand Promise?

What’s Your Brand Promise?

I’m in the midst of a major website and brand revamp right now (I can’t wait to reveal it to you soon!), and the other day I was going through my old website, to clean out the old clutter.

I found pages and blog posts from way back in the day when I was a brand new coach. Looking through this old content really put things into perspective as to how far I’ve come.

I found articles written about how to find the love of your life, staying fit, how to get through a quarter life crisis…pretty much anything that I could think of at the time that would help SOMEBODY with SOMETHING - I wrote about.

Can you imagine how confusing this made it for anyone to “get” what I did or how I could help them? Not only did I not have an ideal client, but the content I delivered had absolutely no focus.

It’s no wonder I didn’t have any clients.

This brings me to what I want to talk about today:


Your brand promise is the thread that ties everything you do and say in your business together.

In other words - it’s your commitment to your tribe and your clients that no matter what they get from you, that you will fulfill your brand promise in some way.

My brand promise is “I transform boring, forgettable brands into memorable, authentic, strategic signature brands that attract clients and make money.”

This means that no matter what I say or do in my business, whether it’s an article I write, a talk I give, or a one-on-one client I work with, this promise will be met in some way, shape or form.

I write, speak, and coach on topics related to my brand promise, such as branding, marketing and business strategy - anything related to branding and helping business owners attract clients and make money is aligned with my brand promise.

My brand promise helps me stay focused. Sure, I might have found an amazing healthy recipe last night that a lot of people would like, but would sharing that in my newsletter be related to my brand promise? NO.

I might be tempted, but I’m going to refrain because “healthy recipes” are not related to my brand promise.

What’s your brand promise? Have you thought about it?

Take some time today to write your own brand promise. Then list a few different categories related to your promise that you can write, speak and coach on.

Once you do this, I promise, your brand will be so much clearer to potential clients!

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