The Lie That Keeps Leaders Stuck in the Dark

business Jul 05, 2017

Do you know that you were born to lead? 

To share your message with a tribe of people who look to you for guidance and inspiration? 

To feel the joy and confidence that comes from living aligned with your true potential?

I have always known that I was born to lead. And recently, I discovered that this destiny is even written in my hands. 

But I have not always given myself permission to lead. In fact, I stayed stuck in the dark, isolated and alone for quite some time before the pain of staying small was too much to bear.

When I finally reached my breaking point, I realized that I was believing a lie that was keeping me in the dark.

The lie was this: in order to be a leader, someone else needed to first "discover" my brilliance and give me permission.

Do you realize how crazy this sounds?

You're pretty savvy, so maybe you do. But if not, let me explain: I was isolated and alone, so how on earth would anyone "discover" my brilliance?

That's. Not. Possible.

But I'm savvy too, and still, I believed the lie. Until I couldn't bear the pain of staying in the dark anymore and thankfully shook myself into reality.

You see, 99.9% of the time, people aren't discovered for their brilliance out of thin air. And leaders don't wake up one day with a tribe of thousands.

People become leaders because they feel the calling in their soul and make the conscious decision to step into leadership. The leadership journey starts small, but with consistency, a clear message and a powerful personal presence, it can grow until your impact becomes massive.

Do you know that you were born to lead?

Have you been stuck in the dark?

If so, this is your permission slip to stop waiting and start leading. Your future tribe is waiting for you!

If you want a direct path to step up and lead NOW, then starting your own Meetup group could be the answer. 

It was for me!

6 years ago I was alone in the dark, and now, I'm the leader of a 2,200 member tribe, host multiple events per month that feed my business with new clients, make a positive impact in my community and earn a comfortable six-figure income.


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