No One is Inspired By the Perfect Leader

leadership May 17, 2017

Are you striving to build the perfect brand and business? To be the leader who always says the right thing and never makes a mistake? 

Do you think that by doing so you'll be seen as more credible, build a tribe of raving fans, attract more clients and make more money?

I get it. I'm in the business of building beautiful, authentic and clear personal brands and businesses for my clients. Some clients even call their brands "perfect" after I'm done with them:-). 

But here's the thing - while I encourage you to create a brand and business with clear messaging, aligned visuals, and programs that are irresistible to your ideal clients, I don't encourage you to show up "perfect" as the face of your brand.

While "perfect" might feel safe, no one is inspired by a perfect leader. 

If you were trying to lose weight, would you be more likely to hire the nutritionist who has always had the perfect body, or the nutritionist who lost 200 lbs and now leads a healthy, vibrant life?

Do you find yourself drawn to prim and proper personal brands that are wrapped up in a cute little bow and never do or say anything controversial... OR to the personal brands that show their vulnerabilities, own their messiness, and share their mistakes so that you don't have to make them too?

If you're like most people, you chose the later. 

Tribes follow imperfect leaders. Because imperfect leaders are relatable. And imperfect leaders are inspirational. They allow us to see ourselves reflected in their journey, to see that if they did it, so can we.

If you take away one thing from this email, let it be this: stop focusing so much on being perfect and start focusing on being REAL. 

This is your permission slip to get out there and show up perfectly imperfect as the face of your brand! 


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