My Instant Pick Me Up

My Instant Pick Me Up

Being an entrepreneur isn’t always easy…actually let me restate that – being human isn’t always easy.

Some days you feel on top of the world; like the days when you have a new client sign up at your highest rate ever, you receive an email from a client thanking you for the difference you’ve made in their life, or a colleague you admire asks you to be their joint venture partner.

Then there’s other days when you’re stuck in a funk. Maybe only two people showed up to your event, you received hurtful criticism on your Facebook page, or perhaps you’re PMSing (PMS is usually what does it for me).

On these days nothing seems to go your way. You probably feel a little depressed, insecure, and you might even question if becoming an entrepreneur was the right choice.

I’ve been there. In fact, I don’t know any entrepreneur who hasn’t.

One strategy I use for an instant pick me up when I’m feeling down is a “Love Notes” folder in my inbox.

Every time I receive an email expressing appreciate, admiration or positive acknowledgement for who I am, the work I do, or the impact I’ve made on someone’s life, I put it in my Love Notes folder.

You should create a love notes folder too! It really is an instant pick me up when you’re feeling down.

On those days when you’re stuck in a funk and find yourself questioning your value and impact, go to that folder and read through your “Love Notes.” I promise, this simple act will transform your mood and have you back to your positive, optimistic self in no time.

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