Just Starting Your Biz? 5 Things to Focus on First

business Dec 07, 2015
Are you just starting out in your business?

Do you feel overwhelmed with where to begin?

Would you like a fast way to attract clients so you can start making money?

There are so many places where you could focus your attention when just starting out, and I know how mind-boggling it can be.

The mistake I see many coaches make, is that they focus on the wrong things first which slows their progress and keeps them from making money. This leads to discouragement, low self-esteem, and desperation. Who wants to hire someone who is discouraged, insecure and desperate?

I want to help you out.


1. Personal Brand  

The first thing to focus on is building your personal brand. Your brand is what makes you STAND OUT and gives your ideal clients a reason to choose you over the thousands of other businesses out there that offer similar services. It includes things like personality, tone of voice, colors, images, logos, fonts, personal style, emotional impact… to name a few.

The reason your brand is the first thing to focus on is that it informs every other aspect of your business. Starting a business without doing this first is like trying to build a house without a foundation.

2. Ideal Client  

The next area of focus is to identify your ideal client. You must be crystal clear about WHO your brand speaks to so the right people can find you.

When you identify a specific ideal client it makes every other part of your business easier. It helps people know who to refer to you, it makes creating content easier, it enables you to increase your fees because you are more specialized, and it makes you more desirable as a speaker.

3. Your System 

The third place to focus is getting clear about how you help your clients. Once you’re clear, you will be able to present what you do in an easy-to-understand system that highlights the benefits your clients will walk away with after working with you.

Your system is NOT ongoing or month-to-month coaching. Potential clients are more likely to invest in a program with a clear timeframe and specific outcomes.

4. Exposure  

Now it’s time to get as much exposure as possible. The kind of exposure where your ideal clients get an experience of you is the best – this could be virtual or live. By getting in front of people, I do not mean setting up a Facebook page or website. I mean you sharing your awesome self with your ideal clients in live situations like networking events, speaking engagements or interviews.

5. Complimentary Sessions

Getting in front of people won’t do you any good if you don’t have a next step prepared for how your ideal clients can work with you. Your next step is simple – it’s a complimentary session.

Your goal at every live event is to book as many complimentary sessions as possible. Say you speak to an audience of 10 people, you book 6 complimentary sessions, and 2 (I’m being extremely conservative with that number) become new clients. That’s 2 new clients from one speaking engagement! Awesome!


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