How to Write Website Copy People Want to Read

How to Write Website Copy People Want to Read

Do the words on your website, social media posts, sales pages and e-newlsetters leave your audience searching for the “back” button, or do your written words pull your reader in, inspiring them to read more, engage, comment, like, and/or purchase your service?

Below are 5 strategies that I’ve compiled for you that will help you get the results you want from your web copy. Results like more clients saying “YES” to your services and programs!

1. Make it about your reader, not about you

One of the biggest mistakes I see in web copy is what I call, “Me, Me, ME!” syndrome, where instead of the biz owner making it about her ideal client’s specific pain points or desires, she makes it about who she is, what she does, and why what she does is so awesome.

For example:

If you have a registration page for an upcoming event, instead of beginning with details about the event, begin with a question that pulls the reader in. If your event is about How to Choose Your 2015 Business Goals, start with a question like: “Where do you want your business to be at this time next year?” (reader’s desire) or “How would you feel at this time next year if your business was exactly where it is right now?” (reader’s pain point).

Beginning web pages, social media posts and newsletter articles with a question (see how I used this strategy above in this article?) is a powerful way to draw the reader in and keep them interested in what you have to say!

2. Use lists

Another mistake I see in web copy is big blocks of text that completely overwhelm the reader. Instead of big blocks of texts, use numbered or bulleted lists that break down the information in an easily digestible format.

For example:

If you’ve received my e-newsletters for a while, you may notice that many of my articles use a similar format: “Top 3 Ways to Achieve ___________” or “5 Signs Your Business is ____________.”


When creating social media posts on facebook, use the “Special Characters” on your desktop (on Macs Special Characters are located at the bottom of the Edit dropdown menu) to create bullets, arrows and stars that make your post easy for the eyes to follow.

3. Short and sweet

With web copy, less is more.

For example:

On your home page, don’t bombard your website visitor with information about your business and services. Your website’s main purpose is to inspire people to sign up for your free gift, so they become part of your newsletter list. Your homepage should include an offer for your free gift, an email sign up box and little more. Information about you and your business belong on other pages.


Keep your newsletter articles between 500-700 words. Closer to 500 is best.

4. Use your authentic brand voice

No one wants to read something that sounds cookie cutter. Define your authentic brand voice, which includes commonly used words and phrases and a unique tone, and let that shine through your writing.

For example:

My clients go through my signature personal branding process that identifies specific words and phrases that make up their unique brand voice. Then, they sprinkle these words and phrases throughout their written copy to help their authentic brand voice come to life.

5. Keep it practical and conversational

If you’ve been in school for a while and are accustomed to writing research papers, you’re going to need to learn a new way to write for your biz, or you’ll put your readers to sleep. You’ll keep your readers engaged if you write like you talk, not like you write a research paper.

For example:

Use strategies above, like lists, questions that tap into your reader’s pain points and desires and your authentic brand voice, to make your writing conversational and easy to process.

If you can follow these simple web copy writing rules, you will attract more followers and increase the number of people who sign up for your services and programs. This is so important because the more peeps you attract into your world, the more lives you’ll be able to impact. Go out there and shine sister!

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