How to Make Competition Irrelevant

How to Make Competition Irrelevant

If you’ve ever attended a Daring Divas event or worked with me privately, you’ve probably heard me express how I feel about competition: I don’t believe in it.

It’s not that competition doesn’t exist, but rather, it exists as a notion we make up in our heads out of a place of scarcity. Truthfully, it doesn’t matter how many other businesses do the same thing that you do, because when you get clear about…

  1. who you are and what you stand for, and
  2. why your signature brand is unique…

your ideal clients will be attracted to work with you because they resonate with YOU. It won’t matter that “Mary Jane” down the street (or a mouse click away) does the same thing.

Granted, you still have to kick butt at “that thing you do,” but that’s a given, right? Being excellent at what you do is the easy part.

The hard part is knowing why your ideal clients should choose you over all the other businesses out there that offer similar services.

When I work with clients privately in my Unleash Your Signature Brand VIP Intensive, or Daring Entrepreneur Coaching Program, one of the things I help them do is define their “Brand Edge” - the thing/s that set their brand apart from other similar brands in their field.

If you’ve ever sat down to think about “what sets you apart,” you probably won’t be surprised to know that this is a place where my clients often get stuck.

Even though I can guarantee that you are indeed unique, it can be hard to identify what makes you unique all by yourself. It’s much easier when you have an outside perspective - someone who can mirror back to you those things that set you apart. For my clients, that person is me.

If you are planning to try to answer the question “what makes me unique?” alone, I want to give you some specific places to look where you might find the answer.

Consider the below differentiators and choose a few that apply to you. When you highlight these things in your brand, competition becomes irrelevant because your ideal clients are clear why YOU are the right person for them.

Differentiators that set your brand apart and make competition irrelevant:

  • You have a personal story related to what your ideal clients are going through.
  • You have a unique personality trait that makes working with you a one-of-a-kind experience.
  • You have particular values or a set of beliefs that set you apart from others in your industry.
  • You have a signature system, that you created, designed to get your clients results.
  • You have a very narrow niche which makes you extra knowledgeable about your area of expertise and your ideal clients’ needs.
  • You include training/teaching/guidance in a particular area that your “competitors” overlook.
  • You have a unique approach that no one else has.
  • You have a particular hobby or interest that gives you a unique perspective on how you help your clients.

These are just some ideas to get you thinking about what makes you stand apart. Once you identify what makes you unique, it’s important to pull these things to the front of your brand. If you keep them hidden, you’ll be back at square one: feeling gripped by the notion of competition.

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