How to Get Noticed and Hired By Your Ideal Clients

branding May 08, 2015

There are a lot coaches out there and hundreds more popping up everyday. In one way, this is great! I’m all for people wanting to build careers that help others and make a positive impact. In another way, this abundance of coaches means that YOU must work harder to get noticed and hired by your ideal clients.

Don’t worry - because it’s totally possible. In fact, when you practice the things I’m going to teach you below, you can forget about all those other coaches stealing your light, because there’s plenty to go around. You just have to find YOURS so you’re not meshing with other people’s.

How to Get Noticed and Hired By Your Ideal Clients:

1. Unleash your authentic personality

The first step is to decide how you want to show up as the face of your biz by unleashing your authentic personality. Letting your authentic personality shine bright gets you noticed by your ideal clients, and the ones who resonate with you will hire you! Your authentic personality includes your unique quirks, passions, qualities, characteristics, beliefs and opinions. You probably have many different facets to your personality which might make choosing your “authentic personality” difficult. This is where the support of a coach, mentor, colleague, or friend who knows you well can be helpful. My clients uncover their authentic brand personality with the help of my Power Profile Assessment, which is based on the power of color psychology.

2. Define your brand’s “look”

Once you uncover your authentic personality, it’s time to let that personality shine through your brand’s “look.” This includes both your physical appearance (clothes, accessories, hair, makeup, body language) and your brand’s graphic appearance (colors, logo, website, business card, fonts, images, etc).

Your brand’s “look” is the first thing that your potential clients come into contact with, so it’s important that it represents you well.

If you were you taught growing up not to “judge a book by its cover,” this message might serve you well in everyday life, but it will not serve you well when it comes to your brand.

The truth is that your potential clients will make judgments about whether you’re someone they would want to work with in less than 5 seconds. In the sea of coaches out there, it’s important that your brand leaves a good first impression.

3. Create clear messaging

Although your messaging isn’t the first thing someone sees when they interact with your brand, it is the first thing someone hears and that is important too. Brand messaging has to do with the words you use and the quality and tone of your spoken voice. Your words, such as your marketing message, web copy and written articles have the power to either clarify or confuse your brand in the minds of your ideal clients.

The tone of your spoken voice will receive immediate judgment – by listening to the tone of your voice, your ideal clients will determine if you are confident or insecure, friendly or unapproachable, trustworthy or not to be trusted.

When your brand messaging aligns with your authentic personality and your brand’s look, you will get noticed by your ideal clients as someone who knows who they are and what they stand for. You will also come across as being professional - not just another person who’s “trying” to be a coach but doesn’t actually have a business. This builds resonance, credibility and trust, and when these three things are activated, YOU get noticed and hired.


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