How to Find Your Brand Voice

How to Find Your Brand Voice

How your brand sounds is just as important as how your brand looks.

Your brand voice is the expression of your personality, beliefs and values through your written and spoken word.

In an ideal world, your brand voice should be so recognizable that you can be identified by your written or spoken word alone – without your brand’s logo, images or colors.

That’s something to work toward…but for now, let’s start with the basics.


1. Know Your Personality

Your personality influences your brand’s tone of voice. By tone, I am referring to the temperament behind your words. Is your brand’s tone of voice edgy, playful, practical, nurturing, soothing, formal or intense, just to name a few examples.

When you know your personality, knowing your brand’s tone of voice becomes easy because it’s a direct reflection of your personality.

 2. Define What You Stand For

What you stand for influences your brand voice because it determines what you talk about. When you identify what you stand for, it’s like pounding a stake into the ground and saying “this is where I stand and everything I talk about in my business will revolve around this stance.”

What you stand for is partially related to what you do, but it’s mostly related to why you do it. For example, what I do is help service-based, women business owners build and boom their signature brands. Why I do it is because I stand for women building lives where they can leave a legacy, control their schedules, make an impact and earn awesome money doing what they love.

When you know what you stand for, your brand voice becomes focused and clear.

3. Choose How You Want People to Feel

When you choose how you want people to feel after an interaction with you, your brand voice is easy to find.

Do you want to leave people feeling inspired? Well then, your brand voice might be motivating, encouraging, confident and passionate.

Do you want to leave people feeling nurtured? Then you brand voice might be gentle, compassionate and soothing.

4. Decide How You Want to Be Remembered

This is similar to #3 above, but a different way of looking at it. Imagine you are at a networking event or you’re on stage talking to a group of your ideal clients. How do you want them to remember you when they leave?

Do you want them to remember you as someone who is spiritual, yet grounded? If you do, then how can you convey that through your tone of voice and the words you use?

Do you want them to remember you as someone who is uninhibited and makes them laugh? Then how can you convey that through your words and tone?

Deciding how you wan to be remembered will shine light on your brand voice.

5. Identify the Common Words and Phrases You Already Use

You might not be aware of it, but you probably already have the foundation of your brand voice. I bet that if you paid attention, you would notice that there are words and phrases you use regularly.

These words and phrases are already part of your natural vocabulary, so when defining your brand voice, don’t leave them out! Keep a notebook with you for the next week and write down every unique word or phrase that you hear yourself say.

6. Listen to What Your Ideal Clients Say

Always pay attention to the words you hear your ideal clients say. When you integrate the words your ideal clients use with your brand’s tone of voice and the words and phrases that you already tend to say, your brand voice will be most powerful.

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