How to Be Poised without Seeming Arrogant

How to Be Poised without Seeming Arrogant

When I tell my clients they must master “poise” to project a Magnetic Presence, some turn up their nose and say “but I don’t want to come off stiff and arrogant!”

When I hear this comment, I know my client misunderstands the definition of poise, and because you might too, let’s straighten things out…

Here’s my definition of a woman with poise: she moves and speaks with purpose. She shows confidence because she doesn’t need to fill the space with distracting movements and words.

You can still show enthusiasm with poise. You don’t have to walk around like you’re wearing a straight jacket. In fact, I highly recommend that you don’t because it will drastically diminish your presence and power. When you show enthusiasm, you just do it with purpose and containment so your energy stays with you and doesn’t invade other people’s space.

3 simple adjustments you can make to become more poised:

1. Eliminate Excess Movements…
  • Gestures
  • Pacing
  • Bobble Head (continually shaking your head in agreement when someone is talking)
  • Nervous Ticks (biting your lip, tapping your pen, twirling your hair, etc)
2. Eliminate Excess Sounds…
  • Saying uh-huh repetitively (this makes people feel like you’re rushing them…just give them some space to talk!)
  • Over explaining (speak precisely… over explaining shows that you lack confidence in what you’re saying.)
  • Making random sounds with your mouth
 3. Remember to Breathe…

Many women forget to breath when they feel nervous which causes them to appear stiff and insecure. To have poise, you must move with ease and grace which can only happen when you breathe!

Master being poised and watch how heads turn and clients flock your way because you radiate ease, grace, and confidence! You won’t appear arrogant because you have a warm, gracious, and generous heart. I know that about you.

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