How I Multiplied My Income By 7X

How I Multiplied My Income By 7X


I’m celebrating paying off my $9,000 Stars investment…within one year!

One year ago, I courageously decided to invest in Stars, a high-end coaching and mastermind program. Although I had achieved success in certain parts of my business up to that point on my own, the financial part of my business wasn’t one of them. This needed to change because if I was going to be in my business FOR REAL, it HAD to make money. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to sustain it. Giving up wasn’t an option so it was time to get serious.

But I was scared…

I didn’t have the money. My husband was wary but tried his best to be supportive. I feared putting the investment on a credit card and not being able to pay it back. What I feared even more was letting down my husband…and most of all letting down myself. Despite these fears, I took a deep breath and made the decision to trust.

I set the goal to have the investment paid off in one year, and I’m so proud of myself because I DID IT! Not only that, but this June, I multiplied my income by more than 7X the money I made last June when I started Stars!

To give you an exact idea of what that means, in June 2013, my business made around $1,000 and I needed to supplement my income with various other side jobs. This year, in June 2014, I made $7,684.38! Now that’s starting to look like a real business!

Where else can you invest your money with that kind of return?

I share this to show you the value that you receive when you choose to start taking your business seriously by hiring a mentor.

I dare you to stop asking “what is the cost?” but rather “what is the return on my investment?”

I talk with a lot of women entrepreneurs – many of whom are stuck in the “what’s the cost?” perspective. Most of them want to know how I’ve created a biz that makes real money, doing what I love and making a positive impact on thousands of women’s lives. They want to know how they can do it too.

First of all, YOU CAN. The first step is shifting from “What’s the cost?” to “what’s the return on my investment?” Below are some additional key ingredients that have made it possible for me.

4 Strategies that Led to My Success:

1. I’m ridiculously stubborn – I’m committed to my business and I won’t let anything or anyone stop me. This includes my own mind that sometimes gets in the way with fearful thinking. I choose the relationship I want to have with that fear, and that relationship is: to feel it, but choose to trust instead.

2. I invest money into making my business successful – You must be willing to invest financially in yourself if you want people to invest in you. It’s the law of reciprocity.

3. I invest time into making my business successful - You must be willing to put in countless hours, especially at the beginning. No matter how many gimmicks you see online about people making six figures over night, this is NOT typically the case.

4. I’m a great client – If you want to attract your ideal clients, YOU need to be a great client. Participate 100%, show up open and curious, happily invest with your coach, be vulnerable, and ask lots of questions.

If you’re committed to your biz, (like 150%, no plan B, you’d rather shoot yourself than spend another second answering to someone else’s commands and fulfilling someone else’s dreams)…

… then I dare you to start taking action that aligns with that commitment.

I’m sending a HUGE thank you to my tribe this month. Thank you for being part of my journey and for making it possible for me to do what I love. I look forward to being part of your journey as you courageously step up and choose to fully commit to your business.

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