Do Your Clothes Send the Wrong Message?

branding Nov 30, 2015

Do your clothes, hair and accessories match the brand experience you want to deliver?
Is your personal style slopped together without intention?

As a service-based business owner, YOU are the face of your brand, so your personal style is important.

Whether you like it or not, your personal style influences how you are perceived and whether your ideal clients choose to work with you.

If you’ve been in my world for a while now, you understand that your brand is the promise of an experience that is consistently delivered everywhere that you and your business show up. The key word here is CONSISTENT.

This means that to be consistent, you want your personal style and your brand’s style to match.

But this can be confusing…

What if you don’t know your brand’s style?
What if you don’t know your personal style?
How do you figure it out so your style is “on-brand” and consistent?

This is where self awareness, exploration and the help of a professional come in.

The first thing to ask yourself…do your clothes send the wrong message?  Next, get started with how to dress on brand with some of my tips below.


Define What “On-Brand” Means for You

The first step to dressing “on-brand” is to know what “on-brand” means for you. What’s your personality? What’s your energy like? Is there a clothing style that you already wear and like?

If you’re not crystal clear about your answers to these questions, I recommend working with someone who can help you unleash your signature brand personality.

Choose Your Personal Style

Once you know what “on-brand” means for you, you should have a better idea about your personal style.

Here are some examples: 

If your brand personality is simple and direct, your personal style might be modern/edgy with clean lines.

If your brand is feminine with a spiritual flare, your personal style might be soft with flowing fabrics and shades of purple and silver.

If your brand is comical and fun, your personal style might be casual with pops of bright orange.

These are just examples. There are as many personal styles as there are humans. I just want you to get the idea of how your brand personality and brand style align.

Choose Your Color Palette

A consistent color palette is an excellent way to deliver a cohesive brand experience.

Once you’re clear about your brand’s personality and style, choose a color palette to match. Be aware that every color carries a particular energy, personality type and characteristics, so it’s important to know your brand personality FIRST so you can choose colors to match.

Once you know your brand colors, start to sprinkle them throughout your wardrobe. “Sprinkle” is key. Don’t over do it, ok? Dressing from head to toe in bright green can look tacky.

Not sure about your brand personality or which colors to use?
I’ve solved this problem for you with my Power Profile System. It’s a brand personality typing system based on color psychology that will tell you your brand personality, colors and so much more.

Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Once you’re clear about your brand’s style and colors, gradually begin to infuse your wardrobe with pieces to match. I realize you may not be able to go on a shopping spree for a whole new wardrobe, but now that you know your style, use it as a guide when making purchasing decisions. Does it align with your brand style? If not, don’t buy it.


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