Meet July's Daring Member of the Month: Stephanie Schoolmeester

daring member of the month Jul 02, 2021

This week, Stephanie Schoolmeester is joining me on Friday Mornings with Jessie May, and here on the blog, to share a little bit about what she does, who she serves, what it means to be daring, and what we can do on our own to check in with ourselves in order to create space to become the person we’ve always wanted to be and build the business of our dreams. She shares about: 

  • Her experience as a teacher, and what led her to starting her own business
  • The devastating accident that cause Stephanie to realize the healing she needed herself, and that led to her learning about everything she teaches her clients today
  • How to stop pouring from an empty cup, and instead learn how to ignite your energy and power to maximize your joy and impact.Why it’s important to address our emotions as soon as they arise, and how we can do so
  • And so much more!

Over the past 4 years, the Impact Tribe has watched Stephanie follow her soul's calling as she became a thriving business owner after a 22-year teaching career.

This month, we celebrate Stephanie for her endless supply of high-vibe energy ... for showing us that dreams can come true when you listen to your heart ... for always being open and eager to learn ... for showering our members with love and support ... and for daring to consistently show up, even when she felt lost, overwhelmed or scared.

Meet Stephanie Schoolmeester

Stephanie is a passionate educator of 30 years on a mission to help women reclaim their power, purpose and unlimited possibilities. She helps heart-centered entrepreneurs bring more heart and soul back into their life and business to create the positive impact and connection they are craving. She teaches them how to tap into their deepest desire to create a life aligned with their authentic self.

She is a certified teacher, Somato Respiratory Integration Facilitator, motivational speaker, BARS Access Facilitator and Trainer, and Reiki Practitioner. She is on a mission to help women rise and fully be alive. She teaches life-changing transformational tools within sisterhood circles that raise their vibration and help them become super attractors to what they truly desire in their lives. Finally, Stephanie leads a High Vibe Sisterhood Tribe where sisters uplift and support each other to be the best versions of themselves.

Stephanie also is a social and emotional specialist and has trained other specialists and teachers in a large school district in Colorado. She was nominated as one of Denver’s 7 Everyday Heroes.

Stephanie has experienced firsthand the power of the transformational tools she teaches through her own healing/spiritual journey using this self-empowerment bodywork and healing modalities that have taken her from barely surviving to thriving.

Stephanie loves to help women shine and fully be alive while doing what lights them up!

Q: What led you to the path you’re on in your business today?

Stephanie recalls that when people take a good look at why they're really doing what they're doing, it often originates from a struggle. For her, this struggle was so bad that her worst nightmare became her reality when she lost her first husband in a tragic car accident. 

Through this experience, she learned how the body, mind, and soul are truly connected, which is what sparked the inspiration that led to her creating this beautiful business of hers. She used to find herself holding emotions in and repressing them rather than handling them – up until she got hit with this situation and her health started to fail her because she was so unable to process her emotions. 

Stephanie says that she has always been the type of person who aims to help others (as evidenced through her teaching career). So, when she discovered the techniques that helped her heal through her most difficult time, she knew that she had a desire and a duty to share them with the world. 

Q: Who is your perfect client? 

If you have something in your heart that tugs at you, calling for more in your business and your life, then you’re the right fit to work with Stephanie. Whatever your soul is calling you to be or to do, she wants to guide you – because she knows she can help you get there. 

Stephanie states that, as women, we have the most amazing rainbow of emotions. And so often, we’re told that they’re too much, so we force ourselves to dampen them down and push them away. What Stephanie helps you do is take your beautiful, meaningful emotions and amplify them to help you match what you want to do and be in your life. 

You can’t get somewhere meaningful in your life or business without having the energetic state to get there. So, if you’re struggling to get into the right state to accomplish your massive dreams and goals, then what she offers is perfect for you. 

She teaches women how to go from being in a depleted state, into an endless state of energy so they can become super attractors for exactly what they’re looking for. 

Roadblocks. Limiting beliefs. Lack of abundance. These are common problems Stephanie sees her clients experiencing when they first come to her. She specializes in getting women unstuck and helping them get into their flow and dance to the dreams they want to accomplish.

Q: If you could give us a few tips or pieces of wisdom to take with us if we’re experiencing these struggles, what could we do to activate that flow ourselves? 

First and foremost – name the elephant in the room. We feel two pulls in opposite directions. One towards where our soul is calling us, and one towards the “itty bitty shitty committee” (what she calls our ego) – what we have to do is find our ”inner winner committee” in order to start down the road we want to be on. 

If you feel like there’s more for you, give it space. Give it space to live and be, and let it know that if it’s in your subconscious and your conscious, it’s already ready for you to claim it. Recognize it coming to you. Anything you dream about, you can make come alive in your life. 

Clear your energy. Clear your ego. But don’t push it away. Learn how to give your inner child more love and more attention, serve that part of yourself that feels like it's depleted. That’s your resistance. Soothe that part of yourself so that it feels more full, more whole, more lit up. All it is is your fear coming up. Take the time to be with it. 

You can’t push it away – the more you ignore it, the more it will build and build to the point where you can’t ignore it.

She likes to relate this thought process to teaching – if a kid asks you a question and you answer nicely the first time, the problem is solved and the kid is happy. BUT, if you ignore it, then before you know it that kid will be in your face demanding an answer – the same thing happens with your emotions. Pay attention the first time something comes up. Give it the attention it needs, then bring yourself back into gratitude.  

One way you can pay attention to what's coming up for you is to check in and say hello to yourself each morning, really take time to connect with yourself before you connect with the rest of the world. Take some deep breaths and ask "how are you doing today"? Stephanie says that the breath is the bridge to your soul, and that it has the power to uncover anything that’s going on, even if it’s hiding away in your subconscious. 

Q: What does it mean to be daring… to you? 

Being daring looks different for everyone. For Stephanie, it means being authentically you, being brave, and being bold, even when you don’t want to or don’t know how to. She says that she’s always been a shy person, that she never wanted to raise her hand in class and never wanted to speak out if she didn’t have to. But, on the flip side of the same coin, she’s always felt the call to help people. 

She realizes that her mission is greater than her fears, so she shares not for herself, but for the other women that need to hear the very same message that she needed to hear so many years ago. 

My mission is greater than my fears. It’s such a great shift in perspective that helps us get over our fears and step into the real reason why we’re here, the difference that we’re here to make. It helps us show up for the people who need our message most. Realize that someone is out there who needs to hear exactly what you have to say – and do it for them. 

Want to connect with Stephanie?

Stephanie is offering The Daring Fempreneur community free Soul Sessions for those of you who are interested in getting one step closer to the goal you want to achieve and attracting higher vibrations into your life and business. Click here to visit her website. 

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