Biz Booming Resources for 2016!

Biz Booming Resources for 2016!


Some of these are affiliate links, some aren’t and others are simply sweet savings for YOU. All, however, I stand behind and use in my own business, so I can highly recommend them to you!

Happy biz booming!

The “Divi” WordPress Theme from Elegant Themes

Does your WordPress site look outdated? Or maybe you don’t even have a website because it feels too overwhelming or expensive. If you answered yes to either of these scenarios, you will be happy to know about “Divi” from Elegant Themes.

Divi is the theme I use on my site, and for good reason - it is completely customizable, simple to use, responsive and amazingly gorgeous. It even comes with pre-made page layouts if you don’t want to start from scratch.

When you purchase Divi ($69), you also receive access to Elegant Themes’ 86 other WordPress Themes - such a deal!

This year, I went on the hunt for the perfect online scheduling system. I wanted something that was easy to use and had all the features I needed:
  • Ability to synch with multiple Google calendars.
  • Customizable and automatic reminder and follow up emails. 
  • Time zone syncing.
  • Could match my brand’s look and feel.
  • Multiple appointment types and lengths.
  • Intake forms for clients to fill out when they book their appointments. 
  • Ability to collect payment (or not) at time of booking. 
  • Option to provide a coupon code for paid bookings.

To help you avoid the headache I went through trying to find the perfect online scheduler (I tried multiple free and paid options), I can confidently say that Acuity is by far the best option I’ve found with all the features I was looking for.

Click here to learn more about Acuity online scheduling. 

Moo - For All Your Printing Needs

Can I just say, I LOVE MOO! If you haven’t heard of Moo, this is a company you want to know about. The quality of their business cards and other print material shines bright above the crowd; plus they’ve created a seamless user experience and they’ve built a brand personality that I just want to pick and hug.

Moo printing can be more of an investment than companies like Vista Print, but let me just say - you get what you pay for. I’ve used both, and Moo delivers on quality and service. Moo also offers multiple 20% - 30% off sales throughout the year, so get on their list and keep an eye out.

I just placed a big order of biz cards, greeting cards to give to clients and colleagues and Daring Divas name tags. I’m so excited to receive my package in the mail!

Click here to learn more about Moo.

Ultimate WordPress Help - Tech Support for Your Business

Jill, the owner of Ultimate WP Help is quite the Daring Diva - she travels the country on her Vespa, running a busy online WordPress support business at the same time. Jill supports me with all of my technology needs.  Jill offers a free site review and gives my peeps 10% offer her packages with coupon code DIVA10.


Here are some of the things she’s great at:

  • Setting up a membership area on your WordPress site.
  • Setting up your shopping cart.
  • Linking and syncing everything on the back end of your biz so it all functions properly.
  • Setting automation in Mailchimp or any other email service.
  • Creating sales/landing pages.
  • Restoring your old, out-dated site to something fresh and modern.

Click here to learn more about Ultimate WordPress Help

Professional, Authentic Headshots to Represent Your Brand

If you need headshots, I have a great resource for you! His name is Jeremy Rill - an amazing photographer who specializes in bringing your unique personality through your photos. Plus, he’s a super sweet guy who is simply a pleasure to work with.

Tell Jeremy that I referred you and receive 20% off any of his packages!

Click here to learn more about Jeremy and his photography.


I’m all about planning in advance and time-batching everything I possibly can, and Latergram allows me to do this for my Instagram posts!

You can create your images in PicMonkey, then head over to Latergram where you can schedule them and write captions (so much easier than trying to write captions on your phone!).

Create 50+ at a time and stop worrying about what you’re going to post for at least the next month!

Plus, Letergram is free and that totally rocks!

Click here to learn more about Latergram.

DIY Graphic Design

Let me start by saying before you jump into DIY graphic design - I highly recommend having an experienced graphic designer create the foundational elements of your brand visuals (multiple logo variations, color palette, fonts, imagery, etc.). I recommend this so your brand visuals look professional and not DIY.

I have a great graphic designer on my team who gives my clients an amazing deal with when they work with her through me. Once you have professional-looking brand visuals from your graphic designer, then if you wish, you can do your own social media graphics, slide presentations, worksheets and handouts, using those visuals.

Here are some of my favorite resources for DIY design: 

  • PicMonkey – My favorite, go-to tool for social media graphics.
  • Pixlr - A little more advanced than Picmonkey or Canva - it’s like a free, online photoshop (but not as feature-rich). I like to use Pixlr for text editing because it can create multi-dimensional text, as well as shadows and borders.
  • Canva - great resource for remade templates and ideas, but doesn’t have the extent of editing features that PicMonkey or Pixlr has.
  • Pages - If you have a Mac, Pages is your new best friend. I use pages to create all of my program handouts and worksheets. Pages is much easier and less glitchy than Canva. Also, if you have a Mac, you can use Keynote to create beautiful slide designs.

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