7 Questions to Guarantee Client-Attracting Testimonials

7 Questions to Guarantee Client-Attracting Testimonials


Testimonials are an important part of your brand because they inspire potential clients to choose to work with you. 

Think about your buying decisions. I bet that you're more likely to purchase a product or service with lots of great testimonials to back it up... over a product or service with no social proof. I'm right, aren't I?

But what makes a great testimonial?

Well, a great testimonial tells the story of where the person was before they started working with you and the results they experienced once the work was complete.

A great testimonial paints a picture by being as specific as possible so that potential clients reading the testimonial can identify themselves in the story of the writer.

The problem with most testimonials is that they fall flat.

And if your testimonials fall flat, it's not your clients' fault... it's yours.

You see, you can't expect your clients to know how to write a great testimonial. Most of them truly want to write you an awesome testimonial, but they just don't know how, so it's your job to guide them. 

This starts with sending them the right prompts, or "questions". 

Your clients will appreciate this gesture because they're busy and giving them guidance makes their job easier; and you will be thrilled because your testimonials will start getting you results.

7 Questions to Guarantee Client-Attracting Testimonials 

1.  What specific problems were you facing before you worked with me?

2. How were you feeling (emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually) before you worked with me?

3. What specific concerns almost prevented you from choosing to working with me? Why are you glad that you did? (e.g. you were concerned you wouldn't be able to recoup your investment or that working with me wouldn't solve your problem, etc.)

4. What specific results (financially, emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, lifestyle, relationships, health, etc.) have you experienced by working with me? Be as specific as possible.
5. How has working with me increased your level of joy, confidence, belief in yourself, etc?
6. What did you enjoy about my coaching style?

7. What is the single most important thing people should know about working with me? 

I invite you to take these questions, modify them to your business, and start using them when you request testimonials. 

Keep in mind that people are busy, so if you request a testimonial and don't hear back, refrain from going to that dark place of "they hated working with me". They didn't. Just send them a friendly reminder.

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