3 Ways to Get Out of Your Head and Into Action

3 Ways to Get Out of Your Head and Into Action

The biggest barrier to being a powerful presence as the face of your brand is discomfort. Discomfort can show up in many forms, the two big ones being Physical Discomfort and Mental Discomfort.

If you are lucky to have your general health, physical discomfort is fairly easy to eliminate. You eliminate physical discomfort by making sure your physical needs are met, such as getting enough sleep, wearing comfortable clothes, going to the bathroom when you need to, and eating regularly.

Mental Discomfort, on the other hand can be a little more complicated. Mental discomfort can show up in the form of uncertainty, self doubt, worry, anxiety, disappointment, shame, embarrassment, comparison, fear, self criticism, and dissatisfaction…to name a few.

Mental Discomfort, when not resolved is a HUGE barrier to Powerful Personal Presence.

Fortunately, there are some straightforward ways to banish mental discomfort so you can start to show up as your most Powerful Self. Below, I want to share the top 3 ways to banish mental discomfort so you can show up powerfully as the face of your business.

3 Ways to Banish Mental Discomfort so you can show up powerfully:

1. Think of it as Normal

Notice the discomfort, accept that you’re feeling it, and remember that millions of other people have felt this way before.

Don’t make yourself wrong for feeling difficult emotions. Just accept them as a normal part of the human experience and move on.The biggest reason difficult emotions are hard to handle is because we make ourselves wrong for feeling them. Then we feel twice as bad.

Think of a role model and how they have had to deal with similar situations and emotions in their career.

With over 7 billion people in the world, think of how many people are experiencing this same emotion right now. You are not alone.

2. Take Away its Power

What if I told you that your mind doesn’t have an accurate grasp on reality? Well, sometimes it doesn’t and it’s important to be aware of this fact when you find yourself upset about a situation. Your mind’s view of reality is often distorted because your brain filters for information that it considers important or that you consciously ask it to pay attention to.

Think of your emotions like a river flowing through you. You can notice uncomfortable emotions from the riverbank and or you can jump on a raft and start paddling down the river of uncomfortable emotions. Practice observing uncomfortable thoughts and emotions floating by. Know that joyful thoughts and emotions will flow down your river soon.

3. Choose an Empowering Story

You often don’t know the motives behind someone’s actions, so choose to create an empowering story instead of a story that puts you in an icky mental state and sucks away your Powerful Personal Presence.

For example, if a client chooses to stop working with you, instead of making up the story that you are a terrible coach, choose the story that the client is not the best fit and by that client leaving the door is open for a new client to enter your world who is a perfect match.

Moving forward, which strategies will you use to banish mental discomfort? Will you “Think of It as Normal,” “Take Away Its Power,” or “Choose an Empowering Story”?

Ultimately, you will use a combination of all three, but to begin, focus on one at a time until you get the hang of it.

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