3 Signs Your Brand is Forgettable

3 Signs Your Brand is Forgettable

A memorable brand is a successful brand; but how do you know if your brand sticks your ideal clients’ minds, or if it’s quickly forgotten in passing?

Below, I’ve uncovered 3 common signs that your brand is forgettable. If you see yourself in any of these examples, I dare you to make a change today that will help make your brand more memorable!

3 Signs That Your Brand is Forgettable:

1. Inconsistent

Inconsistent brands are forgettable because they don’t show up often enough to stay at the forefront of their ideal client’s minds. Maybe they send a newsletter every three months, or when they post to their blog it always begins with “sorry I haven’t written in a while.” If you were to visit an inconsistent brand’s Facebook page, you’d find that their last post was months ago.

Inconsistency isn’t just relevant to frequency and timing however, it’s also about the brand’s look and feel. Are the colors and fonts consistent? Is the tone of voice consistent across all platforms? Is the marketing message the same on the website, social media profiles and when the business owner presents her business at a networking event?

If the brand’s look and feel is not consistent, potential clients won’t have anything tangible to grasp onto when trying to choose which service provider they want to hire. If you don’t give them a reason to hire you above someone else who offers a similar service, they’ll choose someone who does.

2. Self-Promoting

Self-promoting brands are forgettable because all they do is carry on about how awesome their service is. To be memorable a business owner must stop making it about who she is and what she does and start making it about her ideal clients’ challenges and desires. She should only talk about her service in relation to how it can solve her ideal clients’ specific challenges and desires. And she will only understand her ideal clients’ specific challenges and desires after she has listened very carefully.

Have you ever had someone listen to you like you were the most fascinating person on the planet? It probably felt great and you left the interaction thinking about how wonderful that person was. People who make you feel good in their presence by listening are the ones you remember, and if you can ditch the self-promoting and become a masterful listener, your ideal clients will remember you too.

3. Boring

Boring brands are forgettable for obvious reasons: they are BORING! But what does boring actually mean? Boring can show up in the way a business owner presents herself, for example, her clothes/hair/accessories look like she just doesn’t care, her voice is quiet and monotone and her body language is limp and sluggish.

Boring can also show up in the brand language, meaning how the business owner writes and speaks. Boring brand language uses lots of big words that most people don’t understand, is written in long blocks of text that take FOREVER to weed through and is written or spoken in an academic tone rather than a personal tone. Academic writing is great for academia, but it doesn’t belong in most business owner’s brands.

Are you making any of these personal branding mistakes? If after reading this article, you realize that you are, what is the first step you will take to fix it?

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