15 Brand Myths to Bust Right Now

branding Nov 15, 2016

Have you fallen for any of the following branding myths?

If you’re anything like me (I’ve fallen for almost all of these myths to some degree at certain points in my business), then I’m going to guess that you’re under the influence of at least one of these myths right now.

And honestly, I don’t blame you. It’s easy to fall for these branding myths when there’s so much misinformation about branding floating around.

Branding can be a difficult concept to grasp… so I want to clear it up for you by busting the top 15 branding myths that I hear online, as well as from my clients, tribe members.

Myth #1. “I’m just starting my business, so my branding can wait until later.”

TRUTH: When I start with a new client, branding is the very first thing we do. Why? Because your brand influences everything else in your business. Without it, all those other things (like your newsletter, website, presentations, videos, networking, etc.) will be less cohesive, impactful and memorable.

Myth #2. “I’m so good at what I do that I don’t need a brand.”

TRUTH: It doesn’t matter how amazing you are at what you do; if you don’t know how to communicate it through a clear, authentic and compelling signature brand, you won’t have much luck attracting clients.

Myth #3. “My brand will limit my creative expression and box me in.”

TRUTH: Your brand might put you in a box, but it’s a REALLY good box. It’s the kind of box that feels so authentically YOU that you don’t need any other boxes.

In terms of creative expression, your brand helps you go deep with your creativity instead of skimming the surface in a bunch of different directions.

You can think of branding as limiting, but I can tell you from my own experience, that I have never felt more relief (and freedom) than when I got CLEAR about my signature brand.

Myth #4. “My brand can succeed without me in it.”

TRUTH: Not as a service-based solopreneur. You must position yourself as the face of your brand because YOU are your brand!

The biggest reason potential clients choose to work with you is because they resonate with YOU. If you don’t position yourself as at the face of your brand, potential clients won’t be able to get a feel for who you are and if you are someone they want to work with.

Myth #5. “I’m stuck with my brand forever.”

TRUTH: While you don’t want to change up your brand every 5 minutes, your brand can evolve as you evolve. I recommend starting with as solid a brand as possible so you know what you’re working with as you evolve.

Myth #6. “I must only dress in my brand colors.”

TRUTH: If you wear you brand color from head to toe, you’ll end up looking really, really cheesy. Not to mention, you won’t be taken seriously by potential clients because you’ll look like you’re dressed up in a costume.

Instead, wear clothes that align with a range of colors in your brand’s color palette.
For example, choose one or two main colors along with some neutrals that you wear consistently.

Myth #7. “I will have to change who I am to build a brand that attracts clients.”

TRUTH: Unless you are a truly terrible person, you don’t need to change who you are to build a brand that attracts clients. Many people—all different types—have built successful brands.

With a service-based business like yours, the uniqueness of who you are is the secret ingredient to attracting clients who are the best fit.

Myth #8. “It’s not ok to mix business and personal in my brand.”

TRUTH: Yes it is! As long as you make it relevant. Your brand is an authentic expression of YOU— both personal AND business! The more personal you can be, the more trust you will build with your tribe.

Note: The key word here is “relevant.” If you don’t make the personal relevant; like if you have an IG profile for your biz but all you post are pics of your lunch and dog, well then… you probably will lose followers and miss out on new clients because you’re not making the personal relevant.

Myth #9. “I have my logo, so my brand is done!”

TRUTH: I love my logo but it doesn’t “make” my brand. Your brand is so much more than its visual design elements. However the visual design is what most people think of when they think of branding.

The branding process begins long before any logos or other marketing materials are created. It begins by clarifying your brand personality, voice, brand symbolism/metaphors and your personal style and presence.

Myth #10. “Branding and marketing are the same thing.”

TRUTH: They are not. Marketing activities are things you do to attract clients; while branding is how you show up when you do those things.

Myth #11. “Building my brand is too expensive.”

TRUTH: It doesn’t have to be. There are options for all different budgets from DIY tools, to top notch branding coaches, photographers and graphic designers.

Myth #12. “I can build my own brand.”

TRUTH: If you’re a graphic designer with a deep understanding of who you are and what you stand for…then just maybe.

But even if you’re a graphic designer, it can be difficult to build your brand from within your own limited perspective. It’s helpful to have an experienced branding expert who can help you see your blind spots.

Myth #13. “Once I build my brand, clients will flock to me.”

TRUTH: No, I’m afraid not. Your brand is important but it’s not everything. To attract clients, your brand must be paired with smart marketing strategies.

Myth #14. “Building my brand is egotistical.”

TRUTH: Actually, it’s the opposite. The clearer your signature brand, the easier it will be for potential clients to know if they want to work with you.

Because of this clarity, you’ll get more YESES and ultimately be able to impact more lives—not egotistical at all!

Myth #15. “My ideal clients are THE most important consideration when building my brand.”

TRUTH: While it’s important to consider your ideal clients when building your brand, you must start with YOU. If you build your brand based ONLY on what you think your ideal clients want, you may end up morphing yourself to fit that picture.


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