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Have you noticed that everyday, thousands of new coaches and other heart-centered solopreneurs are busting into the marketplace?

On one hand, this is AWESOME because it means that more people are stepping up to build impactful lives and businesses.

On the other hand, it means that it’s more important now, than ever, for you to stand out so you can be found among the masses.


How do you figure out…

  • What colors to choose?
  • What tone of voice to use?
  • What type of personality to express?
  • Which values to stand by?
  • How to dress?
  • How to act?
  • Which words to use?
  • What to become known for?

Before you know it, your brand is pulled in five different directions and you don’t have any clients because it isn’t clear to people if you are someone who they would want to invest their time and money with.

What if I told you that there is a simple way build a clear signature brand that resonates with your ideal clients? There is.

It’s a system that I created specifically for service-based solopreneurs like you, to discover and unleash your authentic brand personality.

The Power Profile System

The foundation of my Power Profile System is an in-depth assessment, based on color psychology, designed to reveal your authentic brand personality.

Once you complete the Power Profile Assessment, you will…

  • Know your primary brand personality type
  • Understand which color aligns with your brand personality
  • Have a vocabulary of brand-specific words and phrases that you can use right away in your written and spoken word
  • Know which universal archetypes relate to your brand personality
  • Understand the unique areas where your brand personality excels and also where it can struggle
  • Understand the impact you have on people when you show up aligned with your signature brand and when you wear you band color
  • Be clear about your brand values


  • the relief you will feel once you know how to show up as the face of your brand.

  • the joy you will experience when you are loved, followed and HIRED for the exact qualities that make you special and different from everyone else.

  • being able to make important business decisions quickly and easily (because if it doesn’t align with your signature brand, the answer is always “no”).

What’s included in the Power Profile System

  • A comprehensive assessment to help you hone in on your unique brand personality.
  • Twelve different Power Profiles (one of which will be yours!), each with three beautiful pages describing your brand personality.
  • A vocabulary of specific words and phrases that you can use to bring your brand voice to life through your written and spoken word.
  • Instructions guiding you on how to implement your Power Profile results into your brand.
  • Guidance on how to customize your Power Profile so it’s unique to you.

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Get the Power Profile System!

The Power Profile System is a digital product. Once your payment is complete, you will receive access to the members-only area.

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